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Alex Nauman

  • "Loud Lullabies" - Alex Nauman Trio 2010 (allied records)
  • "Too Damn Tight" - Alex Nauman Organ Trio 2012 (allied records)
  • "Bad Math Band Live" - 2014 (allied records)
  • "Peaceful Contact Proved Elusive" - Alex Nauman/Matt Smiley 2014 (Dazzle Records)
  • "Free Range" - Art Deco 2017 (Dazzle Records)
Lead Guitar

Alex has been been a regular player throughout the Rocky Mountain Gig circuit and an integral member of a long list of eclectic groups even before he could drive himself to gigs. Playing everything from straight-ahead Jazz, Bop, Funk, R&B, Reggae, Soul, Rock, Hip-Hop, Electronic, Big-Band Swing, Acoustic Bluegrass, Avant Garde, Experimental, and even a little country, its easy to see why Alex is considered one of the most talented & versatile Musicians around.

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